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Sleep Right Nasal Breathe Aid - 3 CT - 3.0 CT

Personal Care & Health
Cold & Allergy

We cut through all the fluff to get at what really matters... nutrition.

All food products are scored from 0 - 100 based on their nutrition value.


Caution: Carefully Read, Understand And Follow Directions Before Use. Using This Product Other Than Directed May Cause Breakage Or Serious Injury. As With All Intra-nasal Devices, There Are Inherent Risk Factors Associated With Using Them. You Should Proceed With Extreme Caution While Using This Product And Regularly Examine It Before And After Each Use For Any Defect That May Present A Potential Health Hazard. Discontinue Use And Replace If Breakage Occurs. Consult Your Physician Before Using, Especially If You Have Had Surgery Or A Medical Condition Relating To The Nose, Sleep Apnea, Asthma, Serious Respiratory Or Heart Problems. Seek Medical Attention For Abnormal Breathing Patterns During Sleep, Daytime Sleepiness Or Difficulty Breathing. Discontinue Use If You Have Skin Or Mucosal Irritation. Do Not Use For More Than 12 Hours In A 24 Hour Period. Not Intended For Use If Under The Age Of 12. Keep Out Of Reach Of Children.

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